Why do you like EssentialPIM?

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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by glenn59 »

I agree completely. The dev team will state straight up the truth regarding whether they intend to implement a suggestion or not. Even better, they will state their logical and practical reasoning for not putting something on the high priority list. As if that weren't impressive enough these days, they are willing to still consider further productive discussions and persuasions, and if there is enough support and sensibility to change their mind, they somehow manage to implement features not found anywhere else.
One example is the clock style selector for time entry which is so convenient. Another is the cross-linking feature which is so versatile. Instead of having an attachment here or there, one can link just about everything to just about everything anyway one needs to!
But, the number one reason I started using the product years ago, was they were one of a very few who understood some of us need to sync WITHOUT the clouds. No, not a secret agent, but there are laws regarding client information, and also patient private information. With EPIM, I can be 100% confident of NO leakage with USB cable sync, and convenience and security of WiFi sync.
Secondly, the backups of the database allow for one to feel confident of limited loss of critical data, AND give one the assurance they can "experiment" with features, syncing, and those ideas to try, without the worry that if it "breaks" all is lost. It is way too easy to recover the database just as it was before a disastrous event.
Solid product, constantly improving, without the upgrades making things worse. And, they give all the appearance of sticking around for the long haul.
Yep, I'm a very satisfied, even happy customer!
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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by Tester »

I am still a beginner with EssentialPIM (using it for Notes) but I can already definitely say that I like the following:

- Formatting is kept almost perfectly when pasting something from MS Word or when importing a rtf-file (line-hights, colors, tables etc.etc.).

- A very good search function.

- A perfect appearance of the fonts in the editor window. Not the terrible faint gray with missing contrast und too much brightness in general as it has become standard in so many other apps.

- Easy and comfortable to use.

All of this very important for me - and difficult to find in other similar programs, especially altogether in combination :wink: .
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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by Haldex »


Although my wish, which is of fundamental importance (see viewtopic.php?p=117824#p117824 ) has not yet been fulfilled, I would like to share my impression of EPM.

I find the user interface of EPIM clear, simple and well arranged. I have tried to get out of Outlook's noose with many different software, but I have not yet succeeded. Because some functionality is not yet available, or the programme simply does not run smoothly.

Despite my very frustrating experience with the calendar stew (see post above), I have to say that I am still very taken with EPIM. The calendar has everything it needs in terms of presentation, except for the separate administration of different calendars (see viewtopic above).

The hierarchical tasks are simply amazing. Nevertheless, you can synchronise them on the iPhone. Which is very good and also necessary. It is simply important to remember that the information that is available on the PC in the office must also be available on the road. Nowadays, it is no longer possible to imagine work with customer without this.

The hierarchical notes are also a great help, especially with the Postit function on the desktop. Here now, these notes should also be available on the iPhone. It's a great pity not to have this information with you on the go. I am also specifically talking about the iPhone, because this smartphone also really works all the time. Android is not really an alternative for me.

I didn't find any noteworthy shortcomings with the emails either. On the contrary, I have been able to set everything up so that it runs smoothly. Here, one could perhaps create a collective inbox, where one would have an overview of all the inboxes and sent messages from all the accounts (for me, there are eight). That would be a wish, but not absolutely necessary for survival. But in combination with the function of having the emails displayed by sender, this would be a clear added value (see iOS email client Unibox). To describe it again, all emails are sorted 1. by sender and then 2. by date received or sent.

In this sense, keep it up, very good! But I am really waiting for the feature mentioned above.
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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by admin »

Thanks for your review! A unified inbox feature is coming in EPIM 9.9, which is due in a week or so.
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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by MrSoder »

I feel its very intuative to use, even for noobs =)
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Re: Why do you like EssentialPIM?

Post by ChrisWalton »

The new feature of multiple calendars is a very valuable feature for me. I find that the following are synergistic for me:
1 the ability to assign each calendar a colour
2 the existing feature of assigning colours to categories
3 the capability to switch the calendars into or out of view
4 the facility to have repeating tasks and appointments
5 the ability to store appointments templates which specify the category and calendar.
Together they supercharge my use of EPIM. They provide me with a whole matrix of calendars, appointments, and tasks (if assigned to a calendar) while minimising appropriately the clutter of extensive items stored in the calendars.
Thank you very much for this major upgrade. If I had thought it might even be possible, I would have asked for it a long time ago. As it is, I did think it impossible, and never requested it. I currently have 3 calendars, and anticipate, when I have finished upgrading my processes, having 7-8 calendars.
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