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Questions On EPIM Pro Business

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Windows 8.1 Pro
EssentialPIM Pro Business 9.8 Installed
Firebird not yet installed anywhere

ISSUE 1: Using EssentialPIM Pro Business 9.8 without a Firebird Server --

I plan to use EPIM Pro Business 9.8 without any LAN based server for awhile until I get a dedicated server set up. After looking through the documentation I have some unanswered questions.

I use hard drive imaging as a method to backup my OS and software on the Windows C: drive and frequently restore a previous C: drive image after testing software or if something goes wrong. Given this situation --

1) Where are all EPIM settings/options stored?
2) If the EPIM settings/options are not in a database is it possible to relocate where they are stored?
3) Would installing EPIM Pro Business 9.8 to a secondary internal hard drive other than C: cause any problems?

ISSUE 2: Networking Android Devices with the EssentialPIM Pro App

Android devices can be made to communicate to a drive on a wireless LAN using a special app. In this scenario can the EssentialPIM Pro App be set up to use the LAN server containing the Firebird database?
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Re: Questions On EPIM Pro Business

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1. As in the EPIM's database file as in the EPIM.INI file.
2. In the app folder for the portable version and here for the regular one: C:\Users\You_Windows_Username\AppData\Roaming\EssentialPIM Pro. You cannot change the path.
3. Nope.

Yes, if there's an EPIM copy running on the server.
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