EssentialPIM Free Edition - Issue After Update

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EssentialPIM Free Edition - Issue After Update

Post by micerm »

Hello. I have been using EssentialPIM Free Edition for complete satisfaction for several years.
But now I have a problem when I installed the latest version.
In Calendar, for tasks that are repeated (and I have many), I set up repetitions - typically weekly. Then when I wanted to delete this task, I was offered to delete this task only on this day or the entire repetition series. The task was a circle symbol with two arrows. However, after the new installation, the above symbol does not appear for these tasks, and when I delete the task, only the task on that day is deleted, but the repetitions will remain there for the future. And now these tasks are still appearing every week, even though I have already done so and I still have to manually delete them. If I now do new tasks, then everything works OK. Apparently, the repetition after installing the new version did not overload as a repetitive task, but only as a separate task for the day, but forever within the earlier repetition (eg every Monday). If I delete it then only the task on that day will be deleted, but it will still appear there on the following days (weeks).
Can you please tell me what to do with it? Thank you in advance and have a nice day. Milan
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Re: EssentialPIM Free Edition - Issue After Update

Post by Max »


it is really difficult to understand the problem, but I understand that you think that some repeating events stopped being repeating.
I do not think that's related to verison update. It can, however, theoretically be related to some synchronisation that you have (I have no information regarding that unfortunately).
A way to delete unnecessary Appointments is to go to Table view in Calendar module and select multiple appointments to delete in one operation.
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